Whitehall blocks release of secrets

Times p24 2018-07-28_1

Story for The Times about Whitehall’s censorship of historical files to stop them reaching the National Archives (including one about a British army agent who killed Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane during the Troubles),  and the ineffectiveness of the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives which regulates the process.

Golden Temple massacre – FOI case update


A British judge has reached a decision in my freedom of information appeal against the UK Cabinet Office. Nearly four years ago, I asked the department for papers that could shed more light on UK covert involvement in the Golden Temple massacre at Amritsar in 1984, where hundreds if not thousands of Sikh pilgrims were killed by the Indian army. I had already exposed that Margaret Thatcher sent an SAS officer to advise on the attack and wanted to see what else the UK government was hiding. The judge agreed with me on two key points but did agree with the Cabinet Office on another point. The case has received plenty of coverage in the Indian media (e.g. NDTV, The Hindu, The Wire, Press Trust of India, CNNnews18 etc) and there are reports in the Times of India and Hindustan Times that a top Sikh official in India has thanked me for my research. The Guardian and BBC radio also covered the judgment.