After the Falklands War, British soldiers were sent on a “sunshine tour” of Belize. In 1983, one of them shot and killed a local farmer. In this short film I tell the story of war, trauma and those who are left on the margins.


Lord Ashcroft’s medals


Feautre for New Humanist magazine about the ‘Myths of Empire’, exploring Lord Ashcroft’s collections of medals at the Imperial War Museum and retracing Britain’s colonial past from India to New Zealand, from southern Africa to Sudan to Egypt.

December stories for Morning Star

MS-frontIn mid-December 2018, I began working as a reporter for the Morning Star newspaper – the only daily paper to consistently support Jeremy Corbyn since his election as Labour leader. If the press should represent the views of the public, then this political moment makes the Morning Star more relevant than ever before.  You can follow my writing for the paper here.