Hire Phil for research


Phil is a highly experienced researcher of declassified British government files and his bespoke services are available to hire.  Based in London, he has easy access to the UK National Archives in the city’s suburb of Kew. His findings at the archives often make UK and international news and even led to two government reviews.


  • Compiling lists of files relevant to your project
  • Taking and uploading high-resolution colour photographs of pages
  • Writing summaries of the contents of the files
  • Challenging censorship of files relevant to your project

Phil’s services cost £200 per day. To discuss your requirements or find out more, please email phil.miller.research[at]gmail.com (replace the [at] with an @).


Phil’s research skills have been used by government, companies, universities, lawyers, media, charities and campaigners. He has particular expertise on researching files from UK colonial and foreign policy during the 1970s and 1980s. He is very familiar with files on diplomacy, military, security, intelligence, special forces, policing, security, aid, arms and trade. Phil’s findings can be confidential if clients desire. Examples of some of his published work are below: